Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obviously, I'm Destined to be a Famous Wildlife Photographer [UPDATED]

I've been in Irving, Texas, for only a matter of hours and I've already taken the next cover shot for National Geographic.

Really, universe. I am obviously tremendously talented; why am I so poor?


My fantastically flamboyant eleven year old cousin is watching Ninja Turtles - he took one look at that journalist chick April and said, "Whoa. Where did you get that amazing one piece?!"

Yes, this family is destined for greatness.

More to come.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I am not cut out to be a wildlife photographer. The dragonfly photo was a fluke. This is my second best photo of the day:


Is it still wildlife photography if the wildlife is dead? And what the hell?! This fish was dead and about four yards away from the lake. This fish was suicidal. And apparently an Olympic long jump champion.

On another note, my eleven year old cousin decided that my dragonfly photograph could stand some improvement:


Ah, yes. National Geographic, here I come.

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