Monday, February 8, 2010


The Boyfriend and I had a bit of discussion the other day when we were out goat shopping (yes, the boy wants a pygmy goat – for his backyard). He had basically decided on a goat, a few chickens, and a mini potbellied pig when I suggested he throw in a tortoise for good measure.

Well, that was promptly vetoed.

Seems homeboy has a few requirements. His pets have to be cuddly, and they have to make noise. I tried to argue my case. I mean, jeez, is he really planning on cuddling with chickens? Because that might not end so well…

It’s all good though. There’s a reason he lives in a house with a stable and I live in a high rise apartment building with a 60 gallon turtle tank. Our styles are not even vaguely similar – and we’re both pretty stubborn (I nearly got dumped after revealing that I didn’t really care for the décor in his bedroom). He hilariously believes that if we move in together, I will have one room to myself (an office, perhaps?), and he will get to decorate the rest of the living space. (Is it just me, or is it starting to sound like I’m the under-appreciated husband on a bad 90s sitcom who only barely gets to keep his recliner chair while his wife redoes the entire house?)

The Boyfriend better watch out, because our future hypothetical house is going to look like the art toy movement and a Chinese opium den in Mexico threw up on the Victorian era. (Yeah, you just try to picture that one.)

Annnnnd, I told that whole story just so I list some shit that I like:

1. Terrarium. A tiny ecosystem in a vase.
2. Claw foot tub. Romantic and classy.
3. Dunny. Awesome figurine decorated by artists all world, as part of the art toy movement that started in Hong Kong.
4. “Allusion” by Yellena. This print can be found here.
5. Vintage taxidermy. I like to be friends with my wall art.
6. Teak furniture from India. Very detailed.
7. Thai Buddha. I dragged a 50 lb Buddha home from Thailand - and customs at LAX thought I was smuggling drugs in it.
8. Nautilus wall hanging by Leviathan Arts. These freaky crustaceans make me happy. This one can be found here.
9. Costa Rican mask. I picked one up in Costa Rica - the designs on mine are made of crushed alligator eggshells.
10. Metallic damask wallpaper. Super funky and classic.
11. Oaxacan wood carving. This beautiful nautilus by Eleazar Morales will soon be mine!
12. Suzani. These beautiful tribal textiles are from Uzbekistan.

1. Spicy seaweed. This was my brain food while I was a college student.
2. Mochi. Words cannot describe the happiness that is ice cream wrapped in rice.
3. Bok choy. Surprisingly tasty raw drunk food. Plus the name of my turtle.
4. Bao. Cantonese pork bun. I could eat these all day.
5. Udon. Delicious Japanese noodles, with fish cake.
6. Snap peas. Delicious raw.
7. Japanese rice crackers. Salty and spicy.
8. Banana peppers. I literally eat these right out of the jar as a snack.
9. A1 Sauce. Fantastic on anything.
10. Stuffed martini olives. Also great right out of the jar.
11. Mangosteen. Best fruit ever; part of my daily diet in Thailand.
12. Lamb with mint jelly. If it’s on the menu, I order it.
13. Anchovies. Little salty fish of joy. Don’t knock ‘em ‘til you’ve tried ‘em.
14. Pickled herring. Another salty fish; a favorite during my weird childhood.
15. Salt and vinegar chips. Oh so tangy.
16. Tacos. Good anytime, anywhere. Plus really easy to make.
17. Khao soi. Favorite northern Thai dish - curry, chicken, lime, pickled cabbage, chile.
18. Moroccan mint tea. Nothing beats this refreshing tea.

1. Ornate box turtle. I have two semi aquatic turtles - but I’d like to try a cute land dwelling one!
2. Chameleon. What other tiny creature has rotating eyes and changes colors?
3. Polydactyl cat. They are cool because they have extra toes - and Hemingway was a huge fan.
4. Leucistic axolotl. A Mexican salamander that never reaches an adult form. Hands down, the Coolest. Animal. Ever.
5. Egyptian dwarf tortoise. If you want a cute tortoise that doesn’t get to be 500 lbs, this is the tortoise for you.

1. Morocco. Bustling and beatiful, full of spices and textiles.
2. Bhutan. Land of the Thunder Dragon, the most expensive country to travel in the entire world.
3. Egypt. I’ve been obsessed since I was 8 years old.
4. Maldives. Lowest country in the world, and one of the most beautiful. The native language is only spoken by 300,000 people on earth.
5. Croatia. My hometown is filled with Croatians, who speak very highly of their homeland.
6. Yemen. One third of the wildlife on the Socotra islands is found nowhere else on the planet.

So, it took me pretty much all day to create this post - but it was certainly entertaining. I know you want to do it too…what’s on your list?

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